If I didn’t used MAUI, it would probably take me several months to process my data.  Before I was introduced to MAUI, I used manually acquired arterial diameter software and it took me hours to properly obtain measurements. When I started using MAUI, I was able to process 10x more ultrasound videos in a day as well as getting continuous arterial diameter measurements. Also, one main feature that I like about MAUI is that I can use it remotely. I was able to work at home and even on the bus. Overall, MAUI is a great tool for flow mediated diameter (FMD) studies and other arterial wall tracking studies.”

– Chris Delayun in January 2017

Chris Delayun is a undergraduate in the Cardiorespiratory and Vascular Dynamics (CRVD) lab who used MAUI to obtain arterial diameter from multiple ultrasound videos while on co-op.






MAUI diameter tracking is outstanding! I take many ultrasound videos for my research and once I began using the software I saved a lot of hours tracking diameters. It is simple to use, does an excellent job at tracking the artery walls and has a great pausing feature that is beneficial for long videos. The team has been very committed to helping me get the most out of diameter tracking and I wouldn’t even consider using other software.

– Michelle Favre in August 2016

Michelle Favre is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School working in Dr. Jorge Serrador’s lab where she currently investigate sex differences in cerebrovascular control in young, healthy men and women. Her research uses ultrasonography of the major cerebral arteries and the carotid arteries to assess blood pressure regulation in the brain.