Q. Can I try the MAUI software for free?

A. Absolutely! Please create an account by logging in above.  After setting up your account you can easily invite other people from your lab as well.  The trial version of MAUI has all the same capabilities of the full version so you will get the full experience.  Your trial will automatically expire after 1 month.


Q. I have confidential ultrasound data.  Is my data safe?  Does Hedgehog Medical have access to my data? 

A. Hedgehog Medical does not view, access or transfer any of your ultrasound data.  The only thing we see is your username and password in order to check if your licence is still valid.


Q. What type of data can MAUI process? 

A. Currently MAUI can run AVI video files.  If your data is in DICOM video format, you will need to convert them to AVI video formats.  One way to do this is to use this tool.  In the future we plan to incorporate the ability to run DICOM videos.


Q. What is the advantage to having a monthly or annual subscription?

A. The subscription model allows us to provide you with two capabilities.  The first ability is that you can work from any location you have installed the software.  The second ability is that you receive automatic software updates to your computer during your subscription period.


Q. Can I use MAUI on more than one computer?

A. Yes. You can download MAUI to all of your computers and log in with your single account. However, you can only be logged in on one computer at a time.  If you log into a new computer with the other computer still running MAUI, it will automatically be shut down so you can run MAUI on your current computer.


Q. What operating systems does MAUI currently run on?

A. The MAUI software currently will run on any Windows 64 bit machine.  In the future we plan to make it compatible with Apple machines.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. Please contact info@hedgehogmedical.com for pricing and group rates.